Din Djarin Disintigrator DIY Kit | Life Size for Mandalorian Cosplay

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Behold the DIY Din Djarin Disintigrator rifle kit!  Be the envy of every cos-player hence forth, and for all time!

60 Inches Long!

This is a DIY kit used to build your very own Mando rifle. Since this is a kit it will require a little sanding, painting, cleanup, and assembly. You will need modeling glue, a little patience, and mad painting skills. Instructions can be found here.

Multi Colored Kit - The kit will ship with parts colored brown, black, and silver as shown. Great if you don't want to paint it! We take a little extra time with this kit since it may be used unpainted. 

Misprint - This will be a full rifle kit, but will need a little more work. Issues include surface blemishes, more cut sections, missing layers, broken parts, ect. Every issue can be fixed with a little sanding and glue. If you follow our finishing instructions, and take your time this kit will make a rifle just as good as any other.

Replacement Parts - Leave an order note with the part number you need from the diagram.

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