3D Printed Digital Sundial

3D Printed Digital Sundial

It’s Time to Get Creative with 3D Printing!

Introducing the Digital Sundial by 3D Cauldron!!!


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You’d think that there was magic going on from the inside! But what it really is..is a super-fancy shadow show. The shape was mathematically designed so that with correct positioning and when the light passes through the sundial, in its shadow, you’ll see a digital read out of the time! WITH actual numbers!!

NO Batteries!!
NO Motor!!
NO Electronics!!

Fun about your new New 3D Printed Digital Sundial by 3D Cauldron

  • Will let you adjust for Daylights Savings Time!
  • Adjust the way the time is being shown on a flat surface by rotating the gnomon. (The raised side of the sundial)
  • Height Tips: Take an empty jar, the lid and rocks or nails.. something small but can get at least a small handful of. Fill jar, put the lid back on the jar and set stand on the top and shine light through! This can be used for decoration purposes or just ‘for showing’ purposes.
  • Please keep in mind.. the material used for this Digital Sundial does not allow for extended amounts of time outside as it is not meant to withstand various weather changes. This is a novelty item and although the title does say ‘Sundial’ it’s meant for more inside use.

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Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere


Beige, Black, Blue, Bronze, Cool Blue, Cool Grey, Copper, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Pink, Frosted Bronze, Frosted Copper, Glow in Dark Blue, Glow in Dark Green, Gold, Green, Light Brown, Light Green, Light Pink, Magenta, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Sea Green, Silver, Sky Blue, Tangerine, Temp Change Blue to White, Temp Change Green to Yellow, Temp Change Grey to White, Temp Change Orange to Yellow, Temp Change Red to White, White, Yellow


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