Welcome to 3D Cauldron Vending!

Our vending operation is in its infancy. Currently we are vending snacks and drinks however soon we will be vending 3D printed items as well! Thats right you will be able to purchase our most popular items at a number of locations around Morgantown and surrounding areas at a nice discount!!! Check back for updates.

Product Requests

If we have a machine in your location you may request products by filling out the contact form. Please indicate the location, your name and the item you would like to see added. If we can get the item, and it will vend properly we will add the item the next time we service the machine.

Service Requests

We are commited to providing a positive customer experience. Should you discover a machine not functioning properly, (taking money, not vending, drinks not cold, ect.) Fill out the contact form and we will get it fixed asap. You may also report sold out items and we will service the machine before our next scheduled date.

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