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Who We Are

We are more than just another 3D printing service. 3D Cauldron has always focused on production 3D printing. Over the years we have developed techniques which allow us to produce quality items much faster than other print farms. Its not the size of the farm but how you use it!

We have been melting plastic for more than 8 years and we are still in love! Sure sometimes it takes a new printer, or a slicer update to keep the romance alive, but there is nothing like working a room full robots 24/7 with no sick leave! 

Our Mission.. Quest.. Thing...

Rocket Surgery

Our quest is to bring the wonders of 3D printing to those who do not have a 3D printer. There are thousands of free and open source models available online. Yet for the average Joe, this vast expanse of potential product glory is inaccessible. Are you versed in 3D modeling, printer repair, slicing profiles, material selection, printer repair, printer technology,  printer brands, printer repair, and printer repair? No? That's where we come in. No need to get a doctorate in rocket surgery we already got one! We will print it for you!

Core Values


We are known for our excellent customer service. Lets face it without YOU none of this is possible!


People are blown away by the quality of our prints. It is our creed that no bad print shall pass!


We believe you should get your items fast. Most printing services take a loooooong time. Not us. Get it in days not weeks!

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