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We Can Make your Project Come to Life

Professional 3D Printing / Blazing Fast Speed

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Most items ship in 3 Days!

Helmets and jetpacks ship in less than a week.

Full armor sets ship in 2-3 weeks! 

We ship worldwide! 

What We Offer

Aside from our catalog of products

  • We sell 3D models you can print at home.

  • We provide printing services for those who have 3D models.

  • We offer a scaling service for all of our wearable items.

Digital Downloads


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Club Approved

Mirrored Visors

Facial Obscurity

Helmet Forge a tool for scaling helmets.

Helmet forge is a tool designed to scale helmets and other costume head wear. It is meant to be used on a desktop computer.

The tool does not upload or save the files, everything happens locally in your browser.

Why Choose 3D Cauldron?

Cutting Edge Print Farm

Our machines are capable of producing phenomenal prints fast. We have alot of them!

Modern Slicers

We only use modern slicers with all the bells and whistles. This ensures that no matter the geometry we can print it.

Durable, High Quality Materials

We have taken a vow to only use the highest quality materials!


We have been in business for 8 years! We know a thing or two about printing. 

Lots of Material Options